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The Ukrania question is only a pretext, NATO and the USA seek for military confrontation

NATO is looking for war, Ukrania is just a pretext. There are no other interpretations to the slow but inexorable military and political encirclement put in place by the alliance.
With the fall of the Berlin Wall and the consequent disintegration of the Warsaw Pact, NATO has lost all meaning to its existence. Instead, the USA have a work of annexation of the countries of the Soviet Union area in the obvious attempt to squeeze Russia definitely in a military and political vise.
The USA need a war, today more than ever considering the economic and social disaster in which they have been thrown by the Biden presidency. The arsenals are overflowing and the lobbies of the military industry are pawing.
Europe counts for nothing and political and military decisions are taken exclusively by US-led NATO.
They are convinced in Washington and Brussels that only a conventional war would be fought and exclusively in the old continent.
As for the Israeli-Iranian conflict, it is not a question of if, but when the war will start and who will make the first move.