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16 Nov 2021. After 15 years the UN Security Council admits the failure of UNIFIL.

But no mention of the withdrawal of the contingent that remains under blackmail and under control of terrorists.

In its lengthy and detailed 2021 report, the UN Secretary General,  António Guterres ,  puts in black and white that UNIFIL has failed the mission and that the reason it was “deployed” . Hizbullah has become, by the Security Council’s own admission, a significant military force and that the Lebanese government has in reality no sovereignty in south Lebanon where Hassan Nasrallah’s men rage and command.

And by the Security Council’s own admission, UNIFIL personnel do not have complete freedom of movement in the area which, as we have already reported several times, is under strict terrorist control.

The freedom of movement of UNIFIL in its entire area of operations, including along the full length of the Blue Line, remains critical”  is the diplomatic way to say that in fact UNIFIL moves only in areas authorized by Hizbullah. On the other hand it is not understood how UNIFIL men have never seen rocket and missile launching tanks and fixed concrete launching platforms.

The failure of UNIFIL emerges clearly from the report where it is stated that “No progress was achieved with respect to the disarmament of armed groups. Hizbullah continued to acknowledge publicly that it maintains military capabilities. The maintenance of arms outside the control of the State by Hizbullah and other groups in violation of resolution 1701 (2006) continues to restrict the State’s ability to exercise full sovereignty and authority over its territory.”  .

Not only that, the Palestinian terrorist group of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command and Fatah al-Intifada is still active. In fact, the report states.

There was no progress in dismantling the military bases maintained by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command and Fatah al-Intifada” .

In short, a total failure with no extenuating circumstances, denounced by the Secretary General himself when he admitted that UNIFIL had failed in its tasks and asked the Lebanese government to be more incisive in its tasks. That is, to disarm Hizbullah.

UNIFIL is useful only to terrorists who use it as a cover for their trafficking of weapons and drugs and over time it has become an “allied party” of Lebanon without having the strength and ability to enforce the resolution 1701, in charity and economic development. In short, more than ten thousand men under blackmail by Hizbullah.

The consideration of UNIFIl and its force commander emerges plastically from the photo where the FC is seen sitting on the sidelines of the Lebanese government group


A planetary shame that costs enormous economic resources and huge waste of men and means.

On 7 August, Hizbullah  chief  Hassan Nasrallah stated, “since 2006, the resistance in Lebanon has grown in numbers, experience, quality, level of trainings, its armament capabilities, its missile capabilities to the point of owning large numbers of precision missiles that the enemy says transforms the threat into an existential threat”. On 18 October, in the aftermath of the deadly clashes of 14 October in Beirut, he stated, “when I only talk about Hizbullah’s ilitary organization, only about trained, organized, armed and experienced Lebanese men, Iam talking about 100,000 fighters”.

Clear enough to the world that watches fearful and cowardly the destruction of Lebanon ?

Michele Santoro