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Afghanistan. The world will pay a heavy price for the mistakes of the West

One of the first consequences of the mistakes of the West is certainly the rise of Islamic radicalism in Pakistan.
It is an indisputable fact that the Taliban occupation of Afghanistan is the direct consequence of the wrong policy of the U.S.A .
If the U.S. and the West are the major culprits of the political, social and economic disaster of Afghanistan, another indisputable aspect is the fact that the responsible for grooming and arming them is Pakistan. Only God knows why no American leader could understand this simple truth and take Pakistan to task. Today everyone is crying crocodile tears and calling on the Taliban for moderation, respect for women’s rights.
How can one believe in the sincerity of the West when it is universally known, guiltily suffered by Europe too tolerant with radical Islam, the patriarchal and male chauvinist culture of the Muslim world.
Rightly or wrongly, the devastating Western culture of “political correctness” has no nationality in the Muslim world where it is feared that this is destroying centuries of culture of family values.
The West has wanted to detach from its own existence the umbilical cord of Christian culture and does not accept that Islam still lives according to the law of the Prophet.
It is a complex matter to address and has many angles to it. There are no innocent parties in the last few decades that includes Soviet Union.
In these two truths lies the essence of the conflict between the West and the Islamic East.
Neither of the contenders wants to surrender to the other what little is needed for a peaceful coexistence.
Pakistan, with all its contradictions, is a country that for some time now has been on a path of social openness and recognition of equal rights for women, respect for religious cultures and, more generally, a reorganization of its social life closer to Western standards, while trying not to make the same mistakes as the West, which with its world of “political correctness” is destroying millenary cultures.
There will be no peace among people until a real meeting point will be found.
There was no radicalism and fanatics in Pakistan till few decades ago.
Now it is a threat to the life of the country and  one wonders where did they come from?
Pakistan which is home to over a million Afghan refugees is on the frontline and needs to be helped to stop the onslaught of Taliban terrorists and various terrorist groups in Afghanistan.
The West will fall if Islamabad falls because there will be no more levee to “radical” Islam.

by Michele Santoro