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Kabul worse than Saigon

If Saigon has been the image of the fall of the USA, Kabul will be for history an ignominious defeat for the entire West.  The USA have once again thought about their interests while the western countries have shown to the Afghans and to the world to be vassals and prone to the USA big brother. They have shared the assault on Afghanistan, they have paid the high price of deaths and waste of public money, and finally, they have shared the humiliating political-military defeat.

Afghanistan has also been the terrain where Western intelligence agencies have lost credibility, played by the binary policy of ISI, the Pakistani intelligence agency, which, without doubts, has played and continues to play a double game in Afghanistan.

Mario Draghi, President of the Italian Council of Ministers

Pakistani interests in the Taliban’s country are well known and today Draghi’s activism at international level seems at least useless to solve the crisis created by the escape  of the USA and its allies.

No reasoning can be made about Afghanistan without Islamabad being involved not as an observer, but as a main actor.

Exactly twenty years after the US diktat to the Pakistanis “with us or against us”, Washington has perhaps realized that Pakistan was not with the US and was not against the US.  Islamabad simply played its own game with the obvious intent of limiting domestic and international damage as much as possible.

Now, as in the past, if you want to try to stabilize Kabul in a semi-democratic way on the Pakistani model, it is clear that everything must pass through Pakistan.

Pretending not to understand this and continuing to think of being “self-sufficient” or more simply continuing to rely on one’s own military power, which at the end of the game proved to be only apparent, would be a huge strategic and political mistake.