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UNIFIL. War games : an useless and expensive worldwide show

Brigadier General. Stefano Dal Col, FC

A strange joint exercise was held in South Lebanon between UNIFIL forces – the now acclaimed UN “lame duck “- and the “alleged” Lebanese army stationed in the area of “alleged” UNIFIL competence.
The “Steel Storm” exercise, according to UNIFIL info, had been touted to maintain the efficiency and the appropriate coordination mechanism, between UNIFIL forces and LFA, in accordance to the decision of the Internal Security Council 1701. 

The Hezbollah flag flies over UN and Lebanese flags

According to the situation  in the South, it is clear that UNIFIL has chosen the wrong as partner for that operational exercise.
As so, the political and military subject who has the power in the area, and not only in South Lebanon, it is not the Lebanese government. Moreover, as shown, it is Hezbollah, the terrorist organization which, in accordance with Resolution 1701, was supposed to be disarmed by the Lebanese army with  the UNIFIL assistance.
A “lame duck” functional to the economic interests of Hezbollaz, the terrorist group that keeps the blue helmets in check and siege with the guilty complicity of the Lebanese government, which is in turn heavily controlled by the party of God, who certainly gave the blessing to the joint farce Unifil / Lfa.
Secretary General António Guterres, during his visit to Lebanon on november 2019, clearly said that UNIFIL failed in its mission.

Hassan Nasrallah –
Leader of Hezbollah

The permanence of international forces in southern Lebanon is helpful only to cover the armed groups of the Hezbollah galaxy and their illegal traffics.
To regain that lost dignity of “peacekeeping”, the United Nation should withdraw UNIFIL troops from South Lebanon.
It is ridiculous to justify these theatrical performances, such as Steel Storm, as moments of coordination with those forces that should be assisted for the disarmament of Hezbollah.

Michele Santoro