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COVID-19. Korea does not forget the Italian veterans of the “Forgotten war”

The Korean Military Attachè  colonel JUNG Beungche (Third from left) presents to the Italian Red Cross representatives the Korean gift

The Republic of Korea has never forgotten who fought for his freedom from 1950 to 1953.

Every year the Ministry for Veterans and Patriots Affairs organizes events and demonstrations in Korea to which it invites, paying the costs of hospitality and what is necessary for the permanence of those present.

In the countries of origin, the Korean embassies are in constant contact with the families of veterans who are always invited to the official events that are organized annually by the representation.

The Defence Attachè Office and the Ministry of Patriot and Veterans Affairs never miss opportunities to show to the Italian veterans its closeness even though    only one veteran of the 68th Italian Field Hospital, the non-commissioned officer Giovanni Riboldi is still alive.

A people, the Korean , too difficult to explain to whom have not had the opportunity to get to know it directly.
When you know it you cannot be not stay tied to.

The premise to better understand the meaning of the gesture made by the Korean government towards the families of the Italian veterans of the war.

With that discretion which is the essence of the Koreans, the Seoul authorities have sent to the families of the  veterans a gift pack with more than one hundred FK94 type masks per familiy. A personalized package accompanied by a heartfelt letter signed by the Committee for the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Korean War, with which once again, Korea thanks those who fought for his freedom.

The Ministry for Patriots and Veterans affairs has sent thousands of masks to all the families of veterans  of the nations that fought the “Forgotten War” in Korea .  Only in Italia 4,000 masks have been sent directly to veteran families and 6,000 have been donated to the Italian Red Cross.

An unexpected gift and for this reason it has been appreciated even more.

Thank you very much Korea, we never forget you.
Good luck and stay safe too.

Michele Santoro