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The US Ambassador John Phillips did it out of the loo

The typical arrogance of the US people who believe they are superior to all and owners of the world came out again.
The US ambassador’s words reflect the arrogance and haughtiness of an administration, who thinks to govern the world.

The ambassador, has showed himself an undiplomatic man, enters a straight leg in the internal affairs of the country, and showed no respect for a nation that hosts him on its soil.

There are no excuses for Phillips, the endorsement in favour of Renzi, confirms that the big US financial groups, and the US government, want a country no longer as vassal, but only obedient.

Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and other three biggest US banks, who have in their coffers trash (derivatives) for  more than 40 trillion of US dollar, want to spread over all on European banks and in particular on Italian banks their garbage.

Mr. John Phillips, you did it out of the loo