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Kabul. Attack on the headquarters of the local TV. It is not Paris and .. ” Je ne suis pas TOLO TV”

The hypocrisy of Europe is proverbial, and certainly demonstrates as the continental press has less and less interest for a global communication without favoritism.
Last year the attack on the drafting of Charlie Hebdo has caused full outrage in Europe and all have been hypocritically declared “je suis Charlie Hebdo” as well as all European people decladerd to be Parisians after the terrible attack on the capital last November.
The West press emphasizes everything what happens in Europe and often forgets what happens in the world ravaged by American crimes.
On 20 January, the drafting of local television TOLO TV was attacked by a group of Taliban and caused seven deaths and over 30 wounded.  News totally obscured by the European media.  The dead Afghans  are far away, Paris is well worth a “je suis….”.
For Kabul, “je ne suis pas TOLO TV” …