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The European hypocrisy and the American sneer

The world under US control [1]

The world under US control

The biblical exodus caused by a consciously aggressive US policy towards the countries friends of the US, implemented with scientific violation of every international law, is provoking the social and political disintegration of the European continent whose rulers have been unable and often shared the aggression of Anglo-French- American towards countries such as Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Balcani, where they  behave as owners in the house of others, and Pakistan.

In a way or other they are destabilizing in almost all parts of the world.

There is no corner of the world where the US has not brought war, destruction and death in the name of their supreme interests and of their internal security.  They have created the Taliban and then they have fought them, they have created the ISIL and now they  are simulating to fight them, of course, outside the US … in the middle of the ancient world.
Meanwhile they mantein under control the free world with their troops deployed all over the world and massively in Italy, American colony since 1945.

The USA, a country that since its birth has never had a decade without war, created by a massive European immigration, after having exterminated the native of American continent,  are proving to be the real cancer of the world.

The value of life in the US is equal  to a penny and the Americans do not think even for a moment before killing thousands of people with a single bomb (Hiroshima and Nagasaki docet …).

Are, by their nature, inclined to kill.

And now the Union of Non-sovereign states has on its hands heavy burden of a biblical exodus that pushes on its borders and is bringing the European continent to its social and political implosion.

Why is this happening? Simple …  for US supreme interests and their hunger for energy.

Value of life ? A cent, of course an European cent. ..

Michele Santoro