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Germany plans massive upgrade of its military branches

Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen said she plans to boost all branches of the military to make it ready for the 21st century. It will be interesting to see what exactly is planned. Some speculate that we buy additional jets and ships as well as tanks. If any contracts go to foreign countries is not known yet. Normally we give the contracts to german corporations.

It will be a welcome development if Germany can become more like a normal country and assume its responsibilities. Its the biggest economy/power in Europe. Germans have sensibilities due to the second world war. But those days are long gone and forgiven, since Germany has genuinely/sincerely apologised/repented from its past crimes. So Germans should assume more responsibilities and take a more active role in world affairs. So this development is welcomed, the U.K and Britain have long asked Germany to do just that. But Germany has so far being reluctant. However, its good the Ukraine issue happened , since this has now woken Germany up to reality.

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