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Napolitano appoints Giuliano Amato as Constitutional Judge – Italy in mourning sinks into the abyss

lutto italiano [1]I no longer believe to the Italian politics, but after the Napolitano’s decision to appoint Giuliano Amato as a judge of the Constitutional Court,  I no longer believe there is a state called Italy …

 There’s no Italian nation, there’s no people, no justice there is no fairness and honesty,  moral integrity and social equity.

 Italy is ruled by a monarchy of parties tha is worse than the monarchy, more hungry for power and money, more fierce, more sneaky , and all projected to their own personal interests and lobbying. 

To get them out of the parliament it is needed a revolution,bloodless, but revolution, because  the connivance is too large and there are too many vassals, lackeys and traitors.

Italy, wake up before the time goes …

Michele Santoro